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This list represents our current price structure, but we reserve the right to change our prices without warning. (Standing quotes for booked productions will be unaffected.)

Prices for full costumes include linen and accessories. Boots and shoes are only included subject to sizing.

Hire charge quoted is per costume for one week's hire. Subsequent weeks' hire are charged at 50% of the first week's hire charge. Charges for long runs are negotiable.

Time in transit is not charged as hire time.

All prices are exclusive of VAT and carriage.

Please note our special show rates for large numbers of costumes.

Life Guards uniform, complete with breastplate, helmet etc. £95.00
Foot Guards uniform, complete with bearskin £75.00
No 1 Heavy weight Napoleonic/Victorian £55.00
No 2 Heavy weight Napoleonic/Victorian £35-£45
WW1 Service Dress, including kit £55.00
No 2 WW1 Service Dress, including kit, for schools £35.00
WW2 Battle Dress uniform, including kit £55.00
WW2 Battle Dress uniform, without kit, plus belt and gaiters £49.50
Great coats £10-£15
Hats only £5-£10
Boots only - laced £5-£7.00
Boots only - knee or thigh £7.50-£12.50

Civilian Costumes


Men's costumes

Ladies' costumes £20-£39.50
Top coats £10.00
Children's costumes £10-£20

Full shows, musicals, opera and G&S

Shows with over 70 costumes £18.50
Shows with between 50 and 70 costumes £19.50
Shows with between 25 and 50 costumes £21.50

Below are downloadable PDFs of our pricing structure for some of our most popular shows.

'Accrington Pals' PDF ''Allo'Allo' PDF

'Cabaret' PDF 'Calamity Jane' PDF

'Dad's Army' PDF 'Dancing at Lughnasa' PDF

'Journey's End' PDF 'Oh What a Lovely War' PDF

'Our Country's Good' PDF 'Princess Ida' PDF

'The Long, the Short and the Tall' PDF 'Three Sisters' PDF

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